Live Qawwali and Sufiana Kalaam Event

We are proud to bring you another event as organised by WMF with the help of supporting sponsors and promoters. The world renowned Qawalli artist ‘Qari Abdul Waheed Chishti’ and team will be our guest and will be performing live on stage at the Shine Star Banqueting Hall on Friday 27th January. Supporting performance will be by local and much loved Kalaam artist ‘Lala Qadeer’.

Qari Waheed Chishti is recognised as one of Pakistan’s most prolific and promising Qawwali, singers. Already proving to be a master of Sufi devotional music his style is invigorated by the spirit and the energy of a new generation. He has an impeccable musical pedigree – being the son of the late Qawwal Qari Mohammed Saeed Chishti – he learnt Qawwali singing directly from his father, who sang in five languages including English, Arabic, Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi.

Qari Abdul Waheed Chishti and his team have recently been touring UK and performing in many cities, His voice is much loved as he maintains a wide spectrum and range in his vocal capability. The poetry is implicitly understood to be spiritual in its meaning, even though the lyrics can sometimes sound wildly intense and overpowering. The central themes of qawwali are love, devotion and longing (of man for the Divine). Qari Abdul Waheed Chishti is a fine example of a true devotee to this art. He spent his youth growing up with his brother under the supervision of their father who was also a very well established and famous qawwalli artist.

Also on the night will feature ‘Lala Qadeer’, His humble voice and beautifying melody is known to many and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. our previous events Lala Qadeer proved to be a huge success and gain the attention of all people.

Friday evening is the end of the week for most people, why not bring yourself and family or friends and enjoy an evening of World Class Entertainment. This type of programme has proved to be a huge success within communities around the UK, Now WMF brings this to you.

Venue: Shine Star Banqueting Suite, New Railway Street, Willenhall, WV13 1LJ
Date & Time: Friday 27th January Doors Open 6pm (prompt start at 6.30pm)
Tickets Cost: £10 Only Adults/Child (Full Dinner included)


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