Work begins on at the Building Site

Work has finally begun in Pakistan for the construction of 100 homes, Although WMF has only raised enough funds for about a quarter of the project we are confident with everyones support we can make this project complete. The Architect has drawn up the plans for the housing, the builder contractors have reached a deal and the foundations have been set. As we write this post, The walls have been raised and ready for the roofing meaning very soon multiple houses will be ready to be accommodated therein.
It will be a touching and very emotional moment to see the first dwellers of these houses moving in. Im sure it will be far more rewarding and exciting than any Home makeover stories we normally see on TV. We are still in need of further funding however and the team in the UK are planning the next series of events and fundraising methods. In Pakistan Also WMF has not only been working on the project but has been holding various small events for fundraising and meeting with local officials and especially successful businessmen to find more people willing to support our cause.

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